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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Be Still My Turbulent Heart

Turbulence by David Kessler Underground Abstracts Exhibit,
Community Arts Cafe, Winston-Salem 
The theme of the moment is bleeding hearts. Note that the new local Etsy is up on the right side of the blog. Chock full o' hearts for the upcoming season of besottedness.
"My turbulent heart, with its surge like the surge of the deep, 
would be solaced, and silenced, and sung, like the sea, to sleep." 
-- from the traditional sea shanty, "Life on the Ocean Wave"
Yesterday afternoon I took the kids to see the Underground Abstracts exhibit at Community Arts Cafe on 4th Street, Winston-Salem. This one, Turbulence, by David Kessler, was one of our favorites, although it ranked after the dancing laser lights for the kids. Kessler has a good blog about his art. Both his watercolor and acrylic work are lovely and his story inspiring. Click his name above to read his blog.

The Underground Abstracts exhibit runs through March 13th and is free. Hours: Monday- Saturday 11am-8pm.

More recent post about Artist David Kessler in action HERE.

David Kessler
Community Arts Cafe

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